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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Meet Sherri Dauer, the Director and Founder of Forest Time Kindergarten

Sherri lived in Massachusetts for 10 years where she gained an appreciate for the earth’s environment and expanded her love for the outdoors, hiking, kayaking and exploring all things nature.  The only things she loves more than the outdoors is her family and spending time with them, especially her granddaughter.

As a paraprofessional at the Perrysburg Preschool, Sherri saw an opportunity to join her two loves, children and nature. After researching the options and with the hope of creating an alternative learning environment for young children in our area, Sherri committed to an European schooling method: Forest Schooling. 

As a Certified Level 1 and 2 Forest Early Education Teacher by the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS), Sherri has taken many courses to add to her knowledge of teaching children outdoors. Some of these courses include: Naturally Ready for Kindergarten Certificate program, Nature Summit in North Carolina, the Teacher Training at the Waldorf School in New York and Ohio Department of Education. Trauma in  Early Childhood Education Development and Autism in Nature add to her list. 

Now as Level 3 is being Created, Sherri is helping to modify and complete this Certification Course.

Sherri is a genuine soul who cares deeply for all creatures of the earth, a practicing organic-vegan and a Christian.


Meet Annie Rose Land, Assistant Teacher and Coordinator

 Annie Rose is mother to two Forest Friends, Danny, Elsie Rose and Joyce has always had a love for the outdoors an grew up walking distance from the Maumee River and Sidecut Metropark. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, working out, gardening and learning new ways to engage her children.

Hoping to pass on her sense of love and stewardship for nature, Annie Rose has tried to get her children outside everyday and when she heard about Forest Time Kindergarten, she knew it was right up her alley. With a BA in English from BGSU and a Masters in Library Science from the University of Pittsburg, teaching in a forest school was a perfect fit.  Annie is registered as an in training educator with ERAFANS to complete her training for forest schooling and early child development. Her role with Forest Time also includes website development, marketing, social media and all things related to making your experience a great one.

Although Annie is now a Full Time mom, we include her in our Bio, as she was a vital person is our start!
Meet Miss Emily!

Hi! I’m Emily Reutter. I am an avid “outdoorist” and I am so excited to be assisting Ms. Sherri with Forest Time this year. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio and spent most of my childhood outdoors either gardening with my dad or hiking and camping with my parents. I graduated from the University of Toledo with my bachelor’s in Environmental Science and I love finding opportunities like Forest Time to be outside teaching kids about nature. My obsession is reading non-fiction books, particularly Northwest Ohio Natural history and sustainability books. My other past time is going on hikes with my boyfriend and exploring our parks with our dog, Luna.

Meet Tara

For fun, I enjoy playing my violin, reading, drawing, volunteering, swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, and most of all, kayaking!! I have played violin for 10 years and used to volunteer to help teach elementary schoolers how to play when I was younger! I recently got into drawing. The drawings I create are usually gifts for people (if you look at my instagram, all but 4 of those drawings were gifts for others). I am a big gift giver, and I feel it is important to show gratitude for others. Drawing is typically how I do that. I also love volunteering, especially with habitat for humanities! I am an officer for our habitat club at school, so I make sure to go at least twice a month!! Swimming, hiking, camping, kayaking and fishing all go together. People typically describe me as “outdoorsy.” I love being outside in the woods, in the water, on a mountain, you name it. I love the outdoors! It’s just a part of me. 

Personality wise, I am outgoing, cheerful, creative, kind, thoughtful, respectful, curious, and very hard working. I’d say the most common thing people notice about me is my smile. It is very rare to see me without a smile on my face! I also love learning and helping others. I grew up with a family that taught me to care and help others in whatever way I am most capable, so that is what I try to do!! With that said, I do want to give credit to some people I am grateful for since they helped me become who I am. A lot of who I am has been from learning from a few key people: my grandparents, mom, sister, high school track coach, best friend, and mentor. A lot of the characteristics I value most in myself have developed through their support, guidance and overall presence in my life.